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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lost Baggage? Danke

So Stuttgart is a really beautiful city and you come in on the tarmac and the baggage comes out right as you get through customs. That's if you have your baggage which was forwarded on time from London Heathrow, unlike mine, which had to be flown on the next flight in that night. I got it about ten hours later, but I did have to race through London to my connecting flight because we landed 30 minutes late.

My host family is really nice and there are two daughters and two sons. All speak very good English and have hosted students before. I'm with another student from Rose-Hulman of Indiana and we've been getting along swell. I've been exploring the city and going out about half of the time so far. German class just started and my cross-cultural class is about to start in 45 minutes. It's going well so far, pronounciation is a bit rough, but it's been two days. By the way, on German keyboards, the z and y are switched, the @ symbol is alt-q and the ' is shift-#, which really messes with my game. The students are from the USA, Canada, and Singapore and are pretty cool and I've been getting to meet some of them, going on tours and stuff.

Here's the good stuff:

This is a typical German ad. Translation: I like it pure. And there are many good looking girls walking around. Stuttgart is a really young city. The downside?

This can be seen on nice days as well.

We went to the Rathaus, which I think is like their city hall and they had a sweet elevator that constantly went up and you had to step inside it as it was moving, but there was no door. The other side constantly went down. Pretty tight. Stuttgart is the state capital and has Porche and Mercedes-Benz headquaters stationed here.

This is a music school called the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik and I believe it's a museum as well. Check out the maize and blue.

The view from the top. My gear is pretty useful so far.

Green roofs!

This is the Schlossplatz or Castle Square, which is located in the center of the city by the main street, called the Königstraße or King's street. It's the shopping center basically like 5th Ave.

We're going to the Black Forest on Friday to Sunday as a group and staying at a youth hostel, which should be awesome. Thursday is a German holiday, so we have a day off, but we're going to a heated outdoor pool because Stuttgart has amazing water resources compared to the rest of the world. It should be around 30°C. Hollaz. That's like 86°F if you're a dumbass. I'm really busy, but will try to keep updating. Tschüs.


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